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What We Do

    To aid people's blissful living, we endeavour to give the knowledge and applicability of Bhagavad Gita by following modes:

  • We have compiled the basics of Gita wisdom into a set of DVD’s/CDs, and the uniqueness is that the esoteric principles of entire Vedic Wisdom have been put across in a simple, easy to understand, practical and lucid manner in just 14 hours. Anyone can go through this Audio/Video Course at his/her own pace, will and convenience. You can get the course here: www.givegita.com/shop
  • We conduct courses/seminar/talks suited for the requirements of corporates, Schools, colleges, social gathering, clubs, societies and residential localities. Contact us to organise such sessions.
  • GIVE’s founder His Grace Shri Vrindavanchandra Das Ji is doing LIVE Q&A sessions on facebook every wednesday at 7.30pm
  • You can watch hundreds of lectures on our YouTube Channel at www.givegita.com/youtube
  • You can attend our LIVE Bhagavad Gita Classes at www.givegita.com/live
  • You can subscribe for Daily Spiritual Clips on WhatsApp & Email at www.givegita.com/subscribe
  • We also intend to spread this knowledge by opening centres in every nook and corner throughout our country specifically trained and equipped to disseminate Gita knowledge which will be called as 'GIVE Gitalyas'.

  • Visit our Projects Section to know how you can join us.
    We also intend to train around 10000 teachers who will then become adept in theoretical as well as practical applications of Gita wisdom to man these Gitalyas.