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Be a God's Man; not God Man
Mind can only be controlled through Spiritual Knowledge
Don't Just live your Desity, change your Destiny
Religion Divides, Spirituality Unites.
Religition is based on Faith, spiritual is based on Facts.
Spiritual knowledge acts like a shock absorber on the bumpy road of life.
Be effort oriented and not result oriented for a tension free life.
We have full independence to Love God unconditionally.
The purpose of Human Life is to elevate the consiousness form Bodily platform to soul platform.
Spiritual knowledge tell us the purpose of creation. Meterial Knowledge tell us how it works.
Try to be a successful Not a winner.
We are trying to play our role perfectly by forgetting our original identity.
Spiritual knowledge acquired in YOUNG Age help to lead HOLISTIC life.
Being desireless is a desire in itself.
False Ego is Bad Real Ego is GOD.
Spirituality is the Study of ETERNITY, and We are part of it.
UNCONTROLLED MIND is our Greatest Enemy.
Temporary thing can never give permanent happiness.
An Intelligent Person has control on his mind while fool is controled By Mind.
Ultimate result of Material Pleasure is Distress.
Spiritual Science cannot be understood by the methodology of Material Science.
We Must Have Love for GOD Which Naturally Instils Love for His Creations.
Believe in existence of a Creator is Scienctific and Meaningful.
Don't Fool Yourself by Thought of There is One Life. Rebirth is a Proven Fact.
Happiness Comes When Peace Comes.
Peace comes when Satisfaction Comes.